Mark Semple – President

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMark is the President of Fertility Solutions International, formally Passport Medical.  Mark has a masters degree in Administration and now helps others achieve their dreams of starting a family.  He has created many fertility programs around the world and has been a pioneer for foreigners in several countries.

Mark has been a keynote speaker for several international medical tourism conferences including the Medical Travel International Business Summit in San Jose, Costa Rica, The Taiwan Medical Tourism Summit, the 4th annual  World Medical Tourism and Global Healthcare Congress, and the Asian Summit on Medical Tourism in China.  In addition, he has been recognized with the Leadership Excellence in Medical Facilitation award as the top global medical travel company as president of Passport Medical.  He is also a regular attendee at different medical tourism conferences around the world including the Men Having Babies conference and the Alternative Parenting Show in the UK and is a member of the ASRM (American Society of Reproductive Medicine)

Like many men, Mark has male factor issues that contributed to infertility problems.

Besides his wife and family, his first love is travel.  Mark has traveled to over 60 countries and takes every opportunity to experience different cultures.  He has been through the IVF process 4 times in 4 different countries:  Canada, Costa Rica, Panama, and South Africa.

Stacey Huntley – Client Coordinator

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAStacey was a doula, or birth coach, for many years and assisted others during the birth process.  Stacey had problems conceiving naturally due to ovarian cysts erupting  in her youth, a bicornuate uterus (heart-shaped uterus), and later age-related factors.

Stacey has undergone four cycles of in-vitro fertilization, including 3 in other countries.  She has a son as a result of IVF in Cape Town, South Africa.

Stacey now works primarily with  IVF and egg donor cases with clients from many countries.  Her unique first-hand knowledge of the IVF process and her vast travel experience makes her an ideal companion during your journey to parenthood.

Pavel Oltarzhevskyy – General Manager of Ukraine Client Experience

pavel-photoPavel leads our Ukraine team of professionals.  He has previously worked for the largest IVF clinic and maternity hospital in Ukraine and was responsible for developing relationships with clients, intended parents, and  foreign agencies.   He has worked in the healthcare sector for 8 years including for Alivia Swiss Healthcare Management and the Heart Institute in Kiev.

Pavel has also had experience working for a number of international brands including Radisson Blu hotels, Bentley, and British Business Club.  He speaks English, German, Russian, and Ukrainian.

Olga Danchenko – Attorney At Law and Head of Ukraine Legal Department

olga-photoOlga is the head of the family law and assisted reproductive technologies legal department in Kiev, Ukraine.  Olga has practiced family and fertility law since 2001.  Olga drafts surrogacy contracts, assists with clinic informed consents, assists with translations, and helps with the acquisition of birth certificates.

She has a wealth of experiencing dealing with intended parents from many countries.  She speaks a number of languages including English, German, Russian, and Ukrainian.

She is currently leading a movement for a re-drafting of assisted reproduction  laws in Ukraine to better serve all parties.

Julia Khokholiak – Ukraine Egg Donor and Surrogate Coordinator

julia-photoJulia functions as our egg donor and surrogate coordinator and client liaison in Kiev, Ukraine.  Julia previously worked as an egg donor coordinator for an international fertility group and coordinator for surrogacy before joining Fertility Solutions International.  She now heads our surrogate and egg donor coordination in Kiev.  She has worked in the healthcare field for over 7 years over 7 years, and before that in the airline industry.

Julia speaks several languages including English, Russian, and Ukrainian.

Paulina Sanabria – Mexico Client Coordinator


Paulina has a great deal of experience in working in the assisted reproduction field.  As the primary client coordinator for assisted reproduction in Mexico, Paulina assists clients through the entire journey in that country.  She has worked directly in the clinics and currently manages one of the centers in Puerto Vallarta.

She has a Bachelor’s degree in International Business and trained in one of Mexico’s largest fertility groups.  She has had the opportunity to work with clients from many countries

Paulina is trilingual and speaks Spanish, English, and French.