11Ukraine in Europe is probably the strongest legal jurisdiction in the world for surrogacy as long as you fit the criteria for treatment, heterosexual married couple with a medical indication.  Commercial, or paid surrogacy, is fully legal.

Kiev, its capital, is a one of the great European cities with friendly people and many cultural treasures.  Due to the current weakness of the local currency, most foreigners will also find it to be extremely affordable, one of the most affordable programs in the world, while also being extremely high quality, with advanced clinics and the most current scientific applications.

In comparison to other countries that offer surrogacy, surrogates in Ukraine can be some of the most well educated in the world as higher education is a typical feature for most Ukrainians.  In addition, surrogates are also undoubtedly compensated the most in the world when compared to local average incomes, an average of almost 8 years of salary.  For those needing egg or sperm donation, donors are readily available, and it is very affordable by international standards, again due to the weakness of the local currency.

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Before You Begin Your Ukraine Surrogacy Process

Although surrogacy is legal in Ukraine for heterosexual married couples, unfortunately laws are not consistent  in every country with regard to surrogacy.   It is therefore vital that you seek and receive legal counsel in your home country or through your embassy in advance of beginning a surrogacy journey to ensure you are aware of the legality of gaining citizenship for your baby born through surrogacy.

You should be clear of the following answers before embarking on your surrogacy journey in Ukraine or any other jurisdiction:

  1. Does your home country recognize you legally as parents if undergoing a foreign surrogacy arrangement?  Does it recognize the surrogate as the legal mother?   Most governments have a link on overseas surrogacy stating its position.  It is best to review this.
  2. Is home citizenship attainable for your baby born through surrogacy?
  3. What process must you undertake, and how long will it take, in order to gain citizenship for your baby?

Surrogacy Ukraine Legal Basis

  • Surrogacy in Ukraine is allowed for legally married, heterosexual couples; there is no time determinant on marriage prior to treatment;
  • There must be a medical indication for surrogacy;
  • There must be a genetic link to the child (through at least one intended parent);
  • The surrogate has no legal rights to the baby from conception;
  • Egg donation or sperm donation is allowed;
  • The contracting parents are the ones both listed on the birth certificate, not the surrogate or an egg or sperm donor;
  • The baby is born stateless, not a Ukrainian citizen, so intended parents must be able to acquire their home citizenship;

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