11Fertility Solutions International is an award winning company specializing in global assisted reproduction including surrogacy, egg donation, and in vitro fertilization (IVF).  We are a member of The American Society for Reproductive Medicine and have been building families since 2009.  We have assisted countless couples in their journey towards parenthood.  We have been the pioneer of several assisted reproduction programs for foreigners around the world.  We look forward to assisting you on your journey.

We have a legal, high quality surrogacy program in Ukraine for up to 70% less than in The United States.  We offer the top clinics with the latest technological advances in assisted reproduction including pre-implantation genetic screening (PGS) with aCGH and gender selection.

We offer surrogacy programs with shipped embryos, with IVF, and with egg or sperm donation.  Pricing starts at just $37,900 for shipped embryos and $42,900 with an egg donor.  Our programs include airport and clinic transportation, legal fees, clinic fees, and hospital birth fees.

View Our Mini Documentary On Surrogacy In Ukraine

We prepared a mini documentary to help intended parents understood a bit about surrogacy in Ukraine.

Who Is Eligible For Surrogacy In Ukraine?

Our legal surrogacy program is centered in Kiev, Ukraine, a city of 4 million people with many cultural treasures.  It has friendly people, is safe, and due to the current weakness of its currency, just may be one of the most affordable countries you have ever visited, all well maintaining its status as a great European city.

Surrogacy in Ukraine is legal for:

  • heterosexual married couples (an apostille of a marriage certificate is necessary);
  • those with a medical indication for surrogacy which may include:
    • Absence of a womb (inborn or acquired);
    • Deformation of the cavity or cervix uteri, making pregnancy and delivery impossible; 
    • Synechi of womb cavity;
    • Severe somatic diseases, making duration of pregnancy impossible;
    • Multiple (more than 4) implantation failures associated with the transfer of high quality embryos.
  • those with a genetic link to the baby (at least 1 partner, egg or sperm donation is permitted);

If you do not fit the above requirements for treatment, we can still help.  Please ask us about our surrogacy program in The United States.

Our Company

Leadership Award Recipient 2011 Seal (2)Why Fertility Solutions International? The answer is simple, we are a highly knowledgeable, dedicated, award winning company who has 9 years of experience in the field, and we have built many international programs in assisted reproduction directly for clinics.  There are very few companies or agencies in the world who have our level of experience in cross-border assisted reproduction.

Unlike some agencies, we also have personal experience with assisted reproduction, including personal experience with treatment in 4 different countries.  We have worked with fertility clinics in 8 countries.

The following is a little about our experience in the field:

Our Dedicated Ukraine Surrogacy Team

We have an exceptional group of professionals waiting to welcome you to Kiev, Ukraine:

pavel-photoMr. Pavel Oltarzhevskyy – General Manager of Client Experience – Pavel has worked in public relations for 11 years with 8 years in marketing and communication in the healthcare sector.  Pavel previously worked for the largest IVF clinic and maternity hospital in Ukraine developing relationships with international agencies and taking care of international clientele.  Pavel also previously worked for Alivia Swiss Healthcare Management and the Heart Institute in Kiev.

Prior to working in healthcare, Pavel worked for international brands such as Radisson, Bentley, and British Business Club.  He has vast experience working with VIP clientele and people from western cultures.  Pavel speaks fluent English, Russian, Ukrainian, and German.  He is looking forward to welcoming you to Kiev.

olga-photoMs. Olga Danchenko – Attorney At Law and Head of Legal Department – Olga heads the legal department of our team.  She has been practicing in family and fertility law since 2001.  She is passionate about what she does  and will draft all necessary child carrying contracts, assist with legal translations, organize the necessary in-country notarizations, and assist with the acquisition of birth certificates and other necessary documents at birth.

Olga has experience working with intended parents from many European countries, the United States, Canada, Australia, and several Asian countries.

Olga is also currently involved in the push for the re-drafting of legislation on assisted reproductive technologies in Ukraine to better protect all parties.  Olga speaks fluent English, Russian, Ukrainian, and German and feels privileged to assist you with your legal needs in Ukraine.

julia-photoMs. Julia Khokholiak – Surrogate and Egg Donor Coordinator – Julia is the team’s surrogate and egg donor liaison.  Julia has previous experience working as an international egg donor coordinator and surrogate coordinator before joining our team and taking over the task of surrogate and egg donor coordination in Ukraine.  She has over 7 years experience working in healthcare.  Prior to that, she worked in the airline industry.

Julia holds a vitaly important role of liaising with surrogate mothers and egg donors, attending appointments, translating reports, and reporting directly to our intended parents.  If intended parents request skype video conferences with surrogates throughout the pregnancy, she can coordinate and translate as needed.

Julia speaks English, Russian, and Ukrainian and is looking forward to working with you on your journey to parenthood.

Our Story

Originally started as Passport Medical in 2009 out of personal issues with infertility, the company later changed its name to focus on its speciality, fertility.  In that time, we have run multiple fertility divisions and brands in several countries and helped countless couples and individuals become parents.  Our story was considered for a reality televisions series about global fertility tourism.  Watch the video to learn more about our story:

Our Surrogates

30Our surrogates are mothers with at least 1 child, typically between 21 and 37, who must pass all psychological, legal,  and medical evaluations.  Our surrogates are compensated more than any other in the world on an income adjusted basis, up to 8 year’s salary for their incredible gift.  Commercial surrogacy is fully legal and regulated in Ukraine, one of the few places in the world.  You are the legal parents of a baby conceived through surrogacy from conception.  There is no pre-birth order or further court order needed.

Our surrogates come from the area around Kiev, come to the city for all treatments, follow-ups, and birth.

We are looking forward to assisting you in your dreams of parenthood.  Contact Us today to get more information.