shutterstock_143944291-1024x777One of the most frequently asked questions is around insurance for your baby for complications.  The first thing for you to remember is that it is your baby, not the surrogate’s, so it has to be the intended parent who either has insurance that can be transferred to a baby, or find a policy that can.  Some intended parents from countries which have private insurance may have plans already in place.

For those who do not already have a policy, or for those from countries with socialized healthcare, they can look to access a policy, but policies that will cover surrogacy arrangements are very rare.  One policy is offered by Allianz Global.  It is a policy that covers the intended parent with the ability to transfer it to your baby at birth.  It does have some exclusions though in terms of certain countries, it must be purchased at least 6 months before birth, and it does not cover twins.

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