shutterstock_107113361Fertility Solutions International  is proud to welcome gay couples and singles looking to start a family. Our team will work with you to answer all your questions and make you feel comfortable about your decision.

Over 70% of our surrogacy clientele are same-sex couples from around the world, and we have helped same-sex couples from 15 countries. Unfortunately, with the recent banning of surrogacy in India, Thailand, Nepal, and Mexico, the U.S. is the only  jurisdiction remaining for same sex male couples and singles.  Same-sex female couples do have additional possible options if surrogacy is needed or IVF or egg  donation in many countries.

The U.S. allows for egg splitting and the fertilization of eggs by both male partners and the implantation from both partners.  To learn more about what options are available to meet your needs, contact us.

Same-Sex Surrogacy In The United States

The state of California is often considered the gold standard in international surrogacy and allows for gay couples and singles to become parents.  It is also possible for 2 men or women to be represented as parents on a birth certificate, a unique  legal position.

Same-Sex Surrogacy In Mexico

Unfortunately, as of January 19, 2016, surrogacy is no longer an option for foreigners in Mexico.

Egg And Sperm Donors

Whether you are looking for egg or sperm donors, we can assist.  We have a vast network of clinics around the world that can facilitate a donor arrangement. Of course, every country has different regulations on what is allowed.  To learn more about our egg donors, contact us now.