Affordable Egg Donation and In Vitro Fertilization – From $6900 USD

iStock_000015824429SmallAffordable egg donation, from young, healthy donors, can be used to overcome infertility in women who have low ovarian reserve, a health condition, a genetic problem, advanced maternal age, or for other reasons.  After a donor undergoes an IVF cycle, eggs are combined with sperm and transferred into the recipient.

Potential donors in our affordable egg donation network are often kept on a contraceptive pill throughout the year so they are prepared to cycle.  During an egg donation cycle, the recipient is often placed on a contraceptive pill as well to align her cycle with the egg donor.  The donor is placed on an IVF protocol, in order to increase the number of eggs released.  Once the eggs are fertilized, they are transferred into the recipient 3-5 days after aspiration of the donor.  The recipient then takes medication to support implantation.  A beta HCG blood test is then carried out 10-12 days after the embryo transfer to determine if a pregnancy has been achieved.

Thoroughly Evaluated and Affordable Egg Donation

Potential egg donors are carefully screened before being accepted. Most clinics require volunteers to submit to:

  • a physical examination;
  • blood tests for infectious agents and cervical cultures to test for sexually transmitted diseases;
  • a medical history (personal and family); and
  • psycho-social evaluation both for the health of the donated gametes and to evaluate the psychological impact on the donor of giving up gametes.

What are average success rates of IVF with egg donation?

In the United States, the national average live birth rate according to the Society for Assisted Reproduction (SART) is 56 % for egg donation based (about 70% clinical pregnancy rate) on an average of 1.8 embryos transferred. The live birth rate with egg donation is significantly higher than regular IVF, especially with older women.

How do I choose a donor?

Due to our large network, a large number of donors are possible including physical characteristics like eye and hair color, blood type, and even education level.  By filling out a detailed affordable egg donation donor profile, we can match you with a large number of potential donors.

Can I see photos and profiles of potential donors?

Different countries have different rules around egg donation and anonymity.  In some countries, we can provide photos and biographies of egg donation donors, in others, childhood photos only, and in others, complete anonymity is ensured by law, and doctors will match you with a donor based on required characteristics.

How much money can I save on IVF with affordable egg donation abroad?

Considering IVF with egg donation averages $35,000 in the United States, one can easily save 70% or more, or tens of thousands of dollars with an affordable egg donation program.

How long do I have to be away for an egg donation cycle?

Depending on the doctor, one typically only has to be away 7 – 12 days, thus affordable egg donation in our network is a very appealing option.